case study inclusion and exceptional leaners




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A preschool teacher is teaching 4 Kindergarteners how to read using explicit teaching and decoding techniques. The students are reading aloud while the teaching is listening. The students are taking turn reading while the others are following along in their books. They are reading the same book. The other students in the class are doing independent reading at their desks. The classroom climate was positive.


I need a scenario on this classroom setting. In the scenario the appropriate supports and strategies need to be integrated for students who are English Learners have disabilities or read well below or above their grade level text band.


The teacher will assist all students with and without disability throughout the instruction.


The teacher will use positive verbal and/or nonverbal reinforcement if students appear to be comfortable asking questions, responding.


The assignments and assessments are tailored to individual student needs. Is there evidence RTI (response to intervention) being implemented or what will be provided to individual assistance.


Teacher will assist individual and small groups of students. Attach evidence of your planning.


Summarize the involvement the teacher had with the students in detail such as individual and small group assistance. Be explicit.


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