case problems on information technology

Each question should be at 2 or more paragraphs long and supported (and cited) with information from the text and other outside resources.

Complete questions #1 and #2

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Ferrera, G., Lichtenstein, S., Reder, M., Bird, R., & Schiano, W: CyberLaw: Text and Book

Cases (3 rd Ed.). Mason, OH: Thomson/South-Western Wes

questions #1 and #2

1. Say you created a new programming that was ideal for a certain application and you knew that it could revolutionize reporting of a certain data on the web like the HTML created by Berners-lee, but in this case you invented something new and entirely different yourself describe the different impact of adoption if you patented this invention or if you opened it up for widespread free and unrestricted adoption.

2. Currently there are questions over whether it’s physically for ISP (major US providers include Comcast Verizon and AT&T ) to control aspect of m speed and delivery of contents on their network to their subscribers. many subscribers and sites have complained about these practice asserting that the ISP should handle all content the same. what organization or governmental entity handle this? how should it be resolved?



I attached the additional sources on the file. please use it.

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