business idea report

Write a business plan report using the following structure:

  • The Executive summary
    • Name of the Business
    • Opportunity / statement of problem
    • Brief description about the product or service
    • Capital and price
    • Brief about Marketing plan
  • Description of the business
    • The mission and objectives of business
    • The name of the business-Brand name
    • The legal status of business
    • Detailed explanation of the product or service
    • Why people buy this product or service
    • What is your USP
  • Human resources
    • Owner and partner’s qualification, technical skills, and experience
    • An organization chart
    • Human resources duties and responsibilities
  • Marketing plan
    • Market research
    • Marketing strategy ( Place; Product; Price ; Promotion )
    • Competitive Analysis
  • Operation plan
    • Preparing for Business ( rules and regulation to start business)
    • Operation process
    • Plant and equipment ( cost and suppliers)
    • Delivery to customers
    • Technology used
  • Capital and financial plan
    • Capital size
    • Capital sources
    • Government support programs
    • Fixed cost
    • Variable cost
    • Startup cost
    • Explanations of costs
    • Projected and explanation of cash flow
    • Break even analysis

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*** Word count: 1500 words.

*** In-Text Citation and References using Harvard style.

*** An attachment related to the report has been uploaded.

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