assignment eight 1

You will create a developmentally appropriate music and movement activity designed for a specific age range (see p.190-191)

  • You must incorporate BOTH music and movement/dance.
  • Create a YouTube video displaying how you would introduce and model the activity. This means you’ll need materials/music for your video. I know it will seem awkward, but just pretend you are speaking to children and showing them how you would like for them to participate. If you would like to work with your own kids or you friends’ children, feel free. Please be sure that you have the parents’ permission to be video recorded for class (be sure they are aware the kids will be on YouTube).
  • Some examples: you can have them sing/dance along to a song you have selected, they can use their own musical instruments, or you can create your own song.
  • At the end of your video explain the elements of music and movement that you incorporated and the areas of development that were addressed. Also identify the Habits of Mind you used for this assignment and how they assisted you.
  • Submit your video to the Assignment Dropbox.
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