assessment rev. and case study





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For this assignment, you are to evaluate an assessment that would be appropriate for the organization you are reviewing for the final project. Describe the assessment, why you chose it, and evaluate it. Specifically, determine if the assessment has been empirically demonstrated to be valid and reliable. Describe the administration steps, the guidelines a test administrator should follow for the complete administration of the test (before, during and after the test). Specify whether certification or training is required. If so, how does a practitioner get the training? The final portion of the paper addresses how you would convince the client they need this particular assessment. By the end of this assignment, you should be quite familiar with at least this one specific assessment.

This paper should be no more than 4 pages (excluding the title page and reference page) and formatted according to APA standards. Use a minimum of 3 scholarly sources (articles not provided by professor). You are encouraged to use the Mental Measurements Yearbook available through the UIW library. This assignment will include a title page, no more than 4 pages of content, and the reference list; all written in Times Roman 12 point font, and be double spaced with 1” margins. The paper is deliberately limited to 4 pages to facilitate students’ abilities to communicate complex ideas concisely and accurately. Going over the 4-page limit of content will result in an immediate deduction.…



Ethics and Assessments Case Studies

Read the three case studies taken from Hollis-Sawyer, Thornton, Hurd and Condon (2009). Choose one case study from the three listed in attached document. Consider and assess applicable ethical codes of conduct to I/O practitioners. Describe how such ethical codes are important in the assessment process; specifically, to planning and administering assessments plus providing feedback. Then apply these ethical codes to the case study you chose. What new thoughts have you developed regarding the testing process? How will you approach testing? The paper should be 2-3 pages, formatted according to APA standards, and include a minimum of three scholarly sources not provided by me.

Case Study Source:

Hollis-Sawyer, L., Thornton, G. C., Hurd, B., & Condon, M. E. (2009). Exercises in psychological testing (2nded.). Pearson Publishing.

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