answer 3 short answer questions to 3 articles

Answer 3 short answer questions. An answer of 1paragraphs, per question, is sufficient. As with all writing requirements, focus on quality not quantity when writing. Below are the prompts. Focus on conveying meaning with theoretical and grammatical clarity.

ARTICLE 1: Describe Wood’s (2002) thesis in A critical response to John Gray’s Mars and Venus portrayals of men and women. Detail the cultural and sociological impacts of John Gray’s work, as noted by Wood. Specifically state Woods intervention. List the possible resolves Wood offers.

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ARTICLE 2: Describe Vangelisti and Young’s (2002) overall argument. State how Vangelisti and Young define “words that hurt.” List the effects of such repetitive language and practices. Explain why the normalization of toxic behavior is difficult to spot within self and immediate relationships. Explain how judgments of intent can function to normalize behavior. Define relational distancing.

ARTICLE 3: State Lyman & Scott’s (2013) thesis. Be thorough. As stated by Lyman & Scott, define the meaning and various uses of territoriality as a theoretical concept. Define “home territory.” Define “interactive territory.” Define the “body territory.” Describe how Lyman & Scott add and advance the study of interpersonal communication.

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