advanced nursing inquiry and evidence based practice week 5

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It is imperative for medical professionals to make decisions based on evidence. For this to be possible, the expert ought to understand the procedures which will aid them in statistical analysis. The calculation and interpretation of data enable them to draw the appropriate and accurate results based on the evaluation of the findings. The linear analysis allows medical professionals to make assessments between two values.

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Positive Linear Versus Negative Linear Relationship

The differences can be seen in; first, in a positive linear relationship, the values under comparison change together. For example, if one variable is high, the other one is equally as high. Besides, if one of the values is low the other becomes low as well. The most common correlation is evident in body weight, and blood pressure as the more the patient weighs, the higher their blood pressure tends to be. In a negative linear equation, if a value is high, the other one is usually low and vice-versa. The relationship can be seen in weight loss and calories consumption (Grove, Burns,& Gray, 2012). When a person is consuming a lot of calories their likelihood of weight loss usually is very low.

Second, in a positive linear relationship, the correlation values change in the same direction. For instance, if one goes up the other also goes up, for example, the relationship between stress and illness, when anxiety increases, illness also rises. In a negative linear equation, the correlation values change in the opposite directions as observed in the relationship between blood pressure and relaxation.


The linear relationships help medical professional to make analysis and treatment based on evidence. The professionals can also make predictions on outcomes based on the correlation values.

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