5 pages grant proposal

Climate Enhancement Grants

Call for Climate Enhancement Grant Proposals

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The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion invites applications for projects that actively promote and engage UC San Diego’s Principles of Community to enhance the climate of the campus. Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate high potential to increase understanding and engagement of the Principles of Community. Only programs that significantly and positively promote our Principles of Community will receive funding consideration.

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AY 18-19 Climate Enhancement Grants

AY 18-19 Climate Enhancement Grants are for projects that will be implemented during Academic Year 18-19. Awards for this mechanism will range from $500 to $2,500. This funding mechanism will give preference to proposals that have the potential to advance systemic changes at UC San Diego that will exert a sustained, powerful influence on fostering understanding and daily practice of the Principles of Community.

To apply please submit a PDF of your 5-page proposal with PI CVs and a maximum of 3 appendices. CVs and appendices do not count towards page maximum. Send all proposals to Frank Silva at at fsilva@ucsd.edu. Pl. Please use “AY 18-19 Climate Enhancement Grant Application” as the subject line.

We expect to fund up to 5-7 projects based on merit of submitted applications.

Please review all details below before submitting your application.

Eligibility Criteria

At a minimum, funding proposals must meet the following criteria:

Primary audience for the event is UC San Diego campus community.

The link between the event and positively elevating our Principles of Community is clear.

Event or activity encourages positive and meaningful interaction especially among campus constituents that do not typically engage or interact with one another.

Project Leaders/Investigators eligible for climate grants include faculty, students, and staff from UC San Diego.

Projects must be able to be completed within 1 year

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