final report

Write a technical report (at least 500 words) where you present your research on a recent technology (within your lifetime) that was designed to improve the environmental impacts of a product or process. The report should be grammatically correct and easy to read and understand. It should contain the following information:
• Description of the new technology
• Discussion of how it improves the environmental impacts of a product or process
• Suggestions for further improvements that could be made – These suggestions should be your opinion but based on and supported by the facts presented in your report. This is a research paper. You must find credible, scholarly articles for your topic. Present the findings of your research in your own words. Do not include direct quotes from the scholarly articles. Whenever you discuss the information that you found in the scholarly articles, you must cite the articles and include the full reference information in a References section at the end of the report. Use APA 7th Edition format for the citations and references. The report should contain a title page

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