write active imagination emerson about one touchstones what did you learn about ideas emerso

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Topic: Write an active imagination with Emerson about one of the touchstones. What did you learn about the ideas of Emerson?

Emerson and I

                Words and feelings have a marriage. Words express concepts, but feelings, emotion and image make concepts grab me. In the essay, “Gifts”, Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, “The only gift is a portion of thyself” (312). Logic may make these words lifeless unless married to mages, emotion, and metaphor.  Active imagination has made these words of Emerson meaningful to me. They are not just concepts to learn and hurry past. They become something I want to memorize. 

                Here is an excerpt of how Emerson and I spoke. I: Mr. Emerson, your words sound good, but you speak with such certainty. “Only” is a strong word.  He: But the sentence is simple. Maybe you feel you have to coddle people with your words. I: Perhaps I do. That is not a very good trait, is it? He: No. What do you think a gift is for? I: It is to show your feelings. He: When you act the way you feel, you give a gift. I: Be sincere? Let me reflect upon that. Thank you. He: My pleasure.

                I had fun with this dialogue. Emerson came alive for me, and for me his words now have life. The concept, “a portion of thyself” is not literal but a metaphor. A real thing, a portion or a part of a thing, stands for something hard to put into words. What is this? The heart. Thanks to active imagination Emerson’s words have a place not only in my mind but in my heart.

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(150 – 200 words max)

General Grade Criteria on Syllabus +

D = No mistakes; proofed with a ruler;not emailed or late and submitted in person.

C = Topic sentences; reports results of assigned module of either MyLabPlus or MBTI.

B = Introduction, conclusion and transitions between sentences

A = Image and Metaphor

Modified 09/21/16

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