write a discussion post for the following 2 questions atleast 300 words for each question

question 1 what are the, Key Concepts in Operations Management.

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question 2The future competitiveness of the United States in the global economy will depend upon innovation. The Module 5 lecture also mentioned logistics and briefly discussed UPS as an innovative leader in the global economy, with its motto, “Synchronizing the World of Commerce.” SQT12 also asked you to look into the concept of a value chain in commerce. Today, those value chains may be stretched out all across the globe capturing the best “value adds” people in various parts of the world have to offer. While progress in Lean and unique manufacturing holds promise for the future, we also know that most manufacturing jobs, in the words of Steve Jobs to President Obama, “are never coming back.” What things have you learned in this class that can help you think in terms of innovative new business models for the information age and the global economy?

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