what is shared sovereignty

In the United States we have a system of “shared sovereignty” meaning that some powers are expressly federal and some powers have been reserved to the states. In this assignment write 3-5 page essay that includes the following:

An explanation of the state-federal relationship, including the relevant constitutional provisions.

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A discussion of one current issue that involves tension between state and federal power. This discussion should highlight both sides of the issue (e.g. why it should be left to the states or why there is a need for federal legislation).

An explanation of how this issue is directly relevant to Texas politics currently.

Your perspective on the issue, supported by logic and evidence.

The essay should include a work-cited page (not included in page minimum). You are required to include at least one peer-reviewed article in your essay. The citation style should follow MLA, APA or Chicago guidelines.

The essay should be double-spaced, with a font size of 12pts.

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