no specific question please respond to each post as directed

Please respond to the Discussion post below. Response to each classmate should be in the 75-word range. Respond to each classmate post by providing thoughtful insight to the topic to motivate the group discussion. Answer all questions with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Support post using outside sources when appropriate.

Classmate Post #1

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Hello Everyone,

For healthcare standards, CMS stands for Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. CMS is owned by the Department of Human Services or Department of Health. CMS role is to look for programs that individuals with Medicaid and Medicare are eligible for programs especially for federal healthcare programs working also with electronic health records. CoPs are a healthcare standard that is part of CMS. CoPs which stands for Conditions of Participation and there is a criterion for the hospital or a medical facility to reach in order to get precipitate in Medicaid and Medicare programs.

HIPAA in the healthcare standards stands Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA looks at the data privacy and security for healthcare information and healthcare standards. ARRA stands for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. I believe this is a great act which was signed by former President Barack Obama in 2009. This allows more opportunities for educational programs and provides funding. ACA stands for Affordable Care Act. ACA is also another great way to help citizens overcome obstacles and any personal challenges such as losing a job. ACA can help especially those who are living in poverty income to have healthcare insurance.

Additionally, impatient is when the patient is being taken care of at the hospital and being closely monitored. Outpatient can be outside the hospital and does not require hospital admission. To compare the standard for inpatient and outpatient documentation is making sure that the physician notes are always up to dates such as medication type or medication dosage.


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Manruhk Ahmad

Classmate Post #2

CMS is responsible for ensuring that Medicare is being properly billed for procedures and patient care. They created a program, called CERT, that pulls samples of Medicare claims and investigates to make sure that billing is accurate to the care received (Medical Learning Network, 2017). Although they focus more heavily on the billing side of patient care, they still abide by proper handling of patient information and storage. CMS also has Conditions of Participation (CoPs) and Conditions for Coverage (CfCs) which a large range of health care facilities must meet in order to participate with Medicare and Medicaid programs (Overview, 2013). HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) focus heavily on the transfer of patient information safely and aim to simplify paperwork and business practices in health care (Overview, 2018).

All of these entities function together in the health care network to reduce errors and increase quality of care in patients. While each focus on specifics points in care of the patient, like documentation, insurance, security, and compliance, they all maintain patient confidentiality and handle documents with care as they contain sensitive information.



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Lorene Shelly

Classmate Post #3

The atmosphere is different in every field of work. Even in the same field, you will certainly meet almost every kind of person that there is. People come from all different backgrounds to pursue the same career as you for many reasons. This almost guarantees that you will meet people that do not share the same work ethic as you or even have half of the positive characteristics that you do. It is important to understand how to work with people, even if you do not like them or their characteristics at work.

I actually have a story that involves someone not sharing the same work ethic as me. We hired on together and I noticed that he was not eager to learn new things or go out of his way to complete anything. As we were assigned the same project, I new there would be road blocks. I learned how to cope with this and work with him anyway. The first thing that I did was give subtle hints to find out what he plans on doing so that I knew what I should complete. The second thing was to try to be his friend and encourage him to want to help me out more as a team. The third and biggest thing that I tried was to explain aspects of the project. I would say something along the line of “we only have to get this much done to meet the bare minimal to stay on time, anything extra will be less for us to do tomorrow.” Have any of you tried to do things such as these? I am eager to see how you all handle these types of co-workers.

Dylan Gilbert

Classmate Post #4

Having had my fair share of experiences with coworkers with lazy work ethics i can honestly say it is the worst. However, the three things i would do to improve a working relationship would be to realize that most of the work will fall on my shoulders, get to know the coworker personally and establish a timeline. I would set up some type of outside work event, like a luncheon or a dinner to discuss our new partnership and what work will be needed to be done. This could also be time spent getting a feel for how the other person works and what their interests are. We could then brainstorm on how we want the project to be handled and how the work will be distributed. We would then set a timeline on what key points need to be finished and appoint some dates to meet up and work together. Depending on how all the work is coming together i would either set up more time together or time working apart. I would constantly check up and make sure they understand what is at stake.

Claudia Oshove

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