review the article answer the questions in 250 words or more 1

  • Read the “Story of Daniel” (click the title to access the article),” and then post a discussion paragraph based on the following question:
  • Why would men like Daniel tend to favor the Jeffersonian Republicans over the Federalists?
  • In your answer, fully explain the competing visions of Jefferson and Hamilton, and explain how they both might relate to men like Daniel.

Discussion Board Post:

  • Review the article answer the questions in 250 words or more.
  • All discussion must have must use 5 footnotes and a bibliography at the end.
  • Only use the article and textbook, no outsider other sources can be used.
  • You will lose 30 points off the assignment for no footnotes, for quoting, using outside sources, and attaching a file to the discussion board.
  • All statements must be in your own words, avoid quoting.
  • To get the maximum amount of point students must answer each question.
  • It is up to to the student if they want to retype each question with numbers.


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