health analyze


Analyze one research article in which the Friere’s Model of Adult Education was used. (Article That is Needed to read is Below)

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Review… read and carefully analyze for this assignment.

Writing the Content of the Analysis

  1. Describe the study.
  2. Summarize the author’s findings.
  3. Analyze the application of the theory, including any constructs or educational processes discussed in the study.
  4. Cite and reference both the article and your textbook using APA formatting style. You will be using your textbook to inform your understanding of the theory/model and it’s constructs and it needs to be referenced in your paper. At least one in text citation is expected per paragraph of writing.

I expect a thorough treatment of the description, summary, and analysis will require about one full page of writing (excluding references section).

Details on American Psychological Association (APA) style

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