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Subject: Disaster Recovery

Question 1: Describe one to two different kinds of tests that can be performed for the Disaster Recovery Plan.

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Subject: Disaster Recovery

  • As part of the disaster recovery planning at a medium-sized business, you have been asked to develop a project plan to test the backups of production systems.
  • Develop an outline of the project plan for the testing.


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Testing a disaster recovery plan is crucial because it helps in the identification of changes in the surrounding so that the program can be restructured or improved to factor in any new prospective incidences and to accommodate any changed conditions. Despite the relevance of Disaster Recovery plan testing, full-scale tests can only be carried out periodically since they consume a lot of time and often costly to achieve (Alhazmi, 2015). The two Disaster Recovery plan methods that are going to be documented below include environmental awareness and working from a knowledge base.

Environmental awareness is the first method. In determining whether a Disaster Recovery plan is worth depending on, there is a need to make sure that the monitoring tools involved go beyond the awareness of organizational applications. This brings about a better understanding of the environment so that any slight changes to the organization’s immediate environment are discovered and reported (Cook, 2015). Given that any organization’s continuity team will not always be around to watch out for the slightest of incidents, a disaster recovery plan should only be given a clean bill of health if it can work with other members of an organization, i.e., training ordinary employees to be able to notice a mishap when they see one.

Working from a knowledge base is the second step that can be used to test the credibility of a DR plan. A good Disaster Recovery plan has monitoring tools that are not dependent on gathering data from devices for their information (Wallace & Webber, 2017). Ideally, the monitoring tools of a Disaster Recovery Plan should be characterized by a list of best practices that come in handy when there is a need to look out for gaps. With more knowledge, the management of a business can learn all the possible incident scenarios that their nature of business can be vulnerable to.


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