discipline investigation assignment 2

This is a interview essay about anyone who has worked as a programer or any other jobs related to computer science which is my major.

Some example interview question:

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  • How did you get started in your profession? Particularly, What did you do to put yourself in the position?
  • What’s your daily routine/ habits?
  • What’s the growth in the particular field? (Growth = Vertical movement/ advancement).
  • What other skills would benefit in this field? (Communication/ Technical/ Critical Thinking).
  • What are some of the obstacles you’ve faced with in regards to…

Achieving your goals

Conducting business

  • Are you satisfied with your current profession? If not, what would you have done differently?

General format


Discourse community (part of the Outside Research***).

Preface and Preview Statement.

Interview Report

Background and Career Path

Roles and Responsibilities

Communication Skills


Works Cited (Minimum of 2 sources).

Appendix: (List of interview questions).

*** Outside Research: Find minimum of 2 outside sources (See Course Reader “Writing Steps” in Discipline Investigation assignment) that give you additional information about your future discourse community:

For Example: What types of work or jobs someone in that field would have?

What the requirements will be for those jobs in the future?

more details are showed in the attached file.

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