reflection 79

Good work on most answers, with the exceptionf of 3, 3, 6, and 7. #2 & 3 were vague and incomplete. There were specific things that happened as a result of the printing press (hint: related to dissemination of materials) and characteristics of rhetoric in the Renaissance (hint: related to style). #6 was good but also should have included a reference to the moral aspects of rhetoric de Scudery suggested. #7 should have included Pisan and Vaz.

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I need you to do a reflection on it it should be one page

After I have graded your first Application Assignment, you will be required to complete a reflection on the first assignment BEFORE I will allow you to submit your second Application Assignment. This reflection should be approximately 1-2 pages and include two items: 1) Based on my feedback in the Comments section of the assignment on Canvas AND my feedback in the attached copy of your assignment, explain what you will need to correct or improve on future Application Assignments. 2) Explain what you learned about rhetoric and rhetorical criticism that you did not understand before doing this assignment and any unanswered questions you have about rhetoric and/or rhetorical criticism.

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