using the professional design memo template in microsoft word integrating the pivot table into a word memo

Using the Professional Design Memo template in Microsoft Word, create a memo to your employer which provides them with the travelers that have a balance due greater than or equal to $2000. In doing so, be sure to address the following requirements:

  1. Open a new Microsoft Word document. In the search box, run a search for the Professional Design Memo Template.
  2. Update the Company Name to International Travel Company.
  3. Update the values in the To, CC, From, and Date fields.
  4. Update the Re: to be Statistics from Recent Balance Due Inquiry
  5. The title of your template should be Travelers with >=$2000 Balance Due (Note: there is NO title place holder. Put the title under the Re: line)
  6. In the body of the memo, include a short explanation of the details that you are providing to your employer.
  7. Integrate the PivotTable that you created into the Memo as a Microsoft Excel object. (Do not create a link).
    HINT: when you double click the pivot table, you should get a mini copy of Excel.
  8. Save the Word document using the correct naming convention.

part 2

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As part of a wrap-up to the travel destination project, it’s always a good business practice to formally thank your employer for appointing you to pursue such an opportunity. As such, it’s time to thank your boss in writing for allowing you to participate in this engaging project.

  1. Select any Word memo template that you like.
  2. Update the Company Name to International Travel Company.
  3. Update the values in the To, CC, From, and Date fields. (Your faculty member can be your boss for this assignment)
  4. In paragraph 1, thank your boss for selecting you for the Travel Project.
  5. In paragraph 2, explain some of the things that you learned that will help you in other projects. Be sure to mention at least three things and how you think they will be helpful.

files might help understand

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