object oriented programming 5

Question 1

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A tour agency needs to track the tours it has scheduled, the bookings made for them and the passengers that the bookings are for.

Question 2

You are given the class Product that has a code and quantity on hand, the relevant getter and setter methods and the string method

class Product:

def __init__(self, code, qtyOnHand):

self._code = code

self._qtyOnHand = qtyOnHand


def code(self):

return self._code


def qtyOnHand(self):

return self._qtyOnHand


def qtyOnHand(self, qtyOnHand):

self._qtyOnHand = qtyOnHand

def __str__(self):

return ‘Code: {:5s} Quantity: {:3d}’.format(self._code, self._qtyOnHand)

Question 3

Implement a simple graphical user interface (GUI) to simulate a cash register for a burger outlet which serves three types of burger. Burger Code




Beef Burger



Chicken Burger



Fish burger


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