king louis and the three charges

It’s a 5 paragraph essay that talks about the three charges of King Louis. The first paragraph should talk about the introduction of the three charges and the second one should be about the 1st charge and the third one should be about the 2nd charge and the 4th one should be about the 3rd charge which is the last charge. Lastly the conclusion to the three charges of King Louis. I need you to cite notations for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraph. Each paragraph should be 5-6 sentences. I need you to put the page number of where you got the information from and do not plagiarism please. Please have it in MLA format, and King louis was accused for various crimes of the people in France, his charges include 1, supporting unfair system of government that takes away rights from the citizens of his country, and 2, wasting tax dollars for his personal life and unnecessary rights and 3, hate crimes and discrimination against the Huguenots. And lastly is should be done in MLA format. I have attached a powerpoint on what the essay should be about. Please follow it.

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