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At this stage in the course, it is a good time to gather your thoughts regarding how education can promote justice globalism through a formal writing assignment. In an essay of 3-5 double spaced pages, please respond to the following questions, drawing upon the ideas you have been exposed to in at least 3 texts. You may additionally draw on any other course videos, reading materials, your group discussions, and the assets we have collectively created:

  • How does the concept of culture, as explained by Gutierrez, allow for a framing that moves beyond “fun, food, and festivals?” Why might a reductionist view of culture be problematic?
  • Given this more nuanced view of culture, is it possible for education to promote social justice and cultural diversity? Provide a few examples of what this might look like in practice.
  • What is the role of education, if any, in shaping “culture” so that is aligned with principles of social justice we have discussed in previous modules this semester?


1. This assignment will be private and only instructors will be able to view your entry. Essays must be 3-5 double spaced pages (in a standard 12 pt font with 1 inch margins). Please attach a word doc or PDF file only.

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2. Please use a standard citation format including in-text citations and references (MLA, APA, or Chicago).

OPTIONAL: If you would like, you may upload your essay to the Asset Library using #essay3

250 words for each page please

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