individual reflection paper

Teamwork is an important skill in today’s workplace whether it’s virtual groups or face-to-face. In this class the student will be sharpening their teamwork skills; much of the coursework will be done collaboratively and virtually. This individual assignment asks the student to reflect on their Group Project experience and connect it to the concepts and theories presented in the course. Students may also consider their Korn-Ferry assessments or MBTI results as a way of considering how their personal preferences and tendencies influenced how they performed their teamwork. The reflection paper should be at least 4 pages (minimum) and APA formatting. Please see the Grading Rubric for information about how this assignment is graded.

Here are some questions for consideration, it is not necessary to answer all of these questions, just ideas for your reflection:

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  • What were the dynamics that occurred between the members and within the group? How do they compare to the textbook description of group dynamics?
  • What structure emerged for the group? How did the group’s process compare to the process described in the textbook?
  • Was there any conflict that may have arisen in the group? How was it resolved? How does this compare to the process of conflict described in the textbook?
  • Did the group have a leader? If so, how were they chosen?
  • What communication issues were encountered in the group? How were the problems resolved?
  • How did the student’s own Korn-Ferry assessment results play into the group project and their insights into the process?

Connect your experience with the group and team dynamics concepts presented in the course to illustrate the relevance. The student is asked to compare and contrast their intra-group conflict experience with techniques presented in the course. The reflection paper should be at least 4 pages of content minimum and should include at least 5 references as well as at least 3 relevant academic journal articles.

The format of the Reflection Paper should be as follows:

-Cover page, Table of Contents, Introduction about the topic and the students assigned group, Evolution of the group, group dynamics, group structure, group conflict, how students own personality and leadership style may have impacted their role and behavior in group, summary and “lessons-learned/ take-aways” from the project experience, reference list

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