critical response 5

The RATS format for this section will differ. Each RAT will be a critical response. A critical response engages the reading, which is the art of analyzing and evaluation a text that moves beyond information processing or personal responses. It is also an opportunity to link past to the present and possible future of women in Appalachia and the intersections of gender with race, class, ethnicity, sexualities, geography, (dis)abilities, nations, etc, The standard expectation is a solid well-crafted 1-2 paragraphs.


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Step 1) TEXT: Chose a piece of text to critique and use as part of the classroom discussion. Copy & paste that portion into the RAT or reference the page number with a section of the chosen quote or idea.

Step 2) RESPOND: Make nuanced connections among the previous and current readings, authors’ arguments, and Gender, Sexuality, & Appalachian Studies. What question(s) did the article raise for you academically, socially, personally, etc.?

Step 3) APPLY: This is the most important section of your CR. As such, you should spend the most time and effort in your completion of this section. Apply the readings, key concepts, and terms to a “real world” text (a music video, a movie, a news coverage story, a website, an event in your own life, etc.).


*Use tangible examples instead of personal anecdotes or generalizations

* Think social data (memes, images, FB, articles, websites, events, protests. etc.) to strengthen your application.

*Explain why you chose this application and how it contributes to our class material

*Re-connect your application to the text or a series of text(s) from class.


10 pts (A): Excellent! Demonstrates careful reading of the text and the beginnings of critical analysis; you are able to situate this reading with others and real world texts. Your writing is coherent and organized. Your voice is loud and clear.

8-9 pts (B): Well done! Your response to the reading is focused, but it doesn’t move to analysis yet. You are not quite sure how this reading fits with other readings and real world texts, but you are working on it and that’s good. You are coherent and clear.

7 pts (C): Satisfactory! Does not demonstrate your understanding of the reading. An assignment earning a “C” does not demonstrate that the writer thought much about what s/he/they were writing because there are inconsistencies. Your application to real world texts are unclear.

6pts (D): Acceptable! You turned this assignment in and therefore, you receive some credit for the work you’ve done. However, you have not demonstrated careful attention to the reading. Your thoughts may be limited to personal reaction and/or ranting.

0-5 pts (F): Oh no! You did not do this assignment, turned it in after the deadline, or did not write about the appropriate readings. Or, worst of all, you plagiarized.

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