assignment communications plan

The key to a successful collaboration is good communication. When a project starts, the PM should carefully devise a communications plan that will enable all major stakeholders to remain informed about the progress. Through this Application, you will be able to sample how much information needs to be prepared just to lay out a draft communications plan.

Consider a fictitious project in which you expect a team of five people to work on a system that tracks sexual offenders online. Your team must collaborate with the local police department to gain access to the web databases that store offender information. The team will also interact with a second in-house team that is working on porting the Google Maps application to a local server so that your company will not have to rely on Google’s servers.

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Now, complete the following:

  1. Create the necessary documentation for a mock meeting for the project. You can refer to the section “Running Effective Meetings” in Chapter 10 of the course text, Information Technology Project Management.
  2. Create a sample progress report for the key stakeholders in the project. For a sample of a progress report, refer to Table 10-3 in Chapter 10 of the course text, Information Technology Project Management.
  3. Draft a communications plan for the project.

Submit a 3- to 4-page report in APA style that contains your responses.

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