customer experience

Making Customer Experience a Priority throughout the Organization in one page or less,

Please answer these two questions

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  • tell what specific channels would you use to reach the 4,000 individuals affected by the product issue?
  • What departments and divisions of your company would you need to work with to make sure you are all working toward a unified customer experience?

(see original example below):

A cosmetics company just launched a new mascara. It has a small but loyal customer base of 50,000 customers. The average customer spends $150/yr.A week after the launch, the company starts getting complaints to its call center, email account and social media properties. One portion of the shipment was stored in a hot warehouse, where the mascara melted and then hardened back to a gloopy consistency. The firm estimates 5,000 bottles of mascara were affected. 4,000 of those bottles went to customers; only about 1,000 have complained so far.

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