workplace health safety and security 2

ACME Company, Inc. needs to implement some OSHA compliance initiatives for workplace health, safety, and security. They would like to implement an ergonomic environment for its 50 office employees; it currently is not ergonomic-friendly. The purpose is to reduce the amount of back pain, fatigue, and discomfort these employees have, which has resulted in an average of 10% of the employees out on leave through FMLA annually. They would like to have the following ergonomic conditions to maximize worker productivity and lower worker discomfort:

  • Computer
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • An additional recommendation by Mary

For this project assignment on ACME Company, Inc. complete a Minimum of Three Pages that addresses the following concepts:

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  • The key features of an ergonomic office environment.
  • An approximate cost of converting a non-ergonomic environment to an ergonomic environment for 50 employees.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of converting to an ergonomic environment for the 50 office workers.
  • If you were Mary, what would be your recommendation? Explain.

Make sure to include an APA formatted title page and reference page for sources that you may have used for your research. Remember to follow APA guidelines for in-text citations when paraphrasing or quoting information.

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