quality improvement as9100

Below are the questions for which you will provide a response in essay form-Please identify quality improvement principles for each case study:

Successful responses should be a synthesis of your learning from this course and should be no less than 500 words each. Be sure to format your paper properly in APA and cite qualified scholarly sources that you use (see the Academic Resources link). Make sure that you include the numbered topic in each of your writings.

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  1. Cessna teams with Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.
    • In regard to this partnership, review why you feel AS9100 is important to the light aircraft owner/operator. Research the link below and others you find relative to this partnership for more information
  1. Select one Baldrige Case Study (below).Discuss what is your impression of the organization in your case study. Do you think they achieved greater status from their achievement? Why or why not?

3. Explain the importance of the assessment process including how internal and external auditing processes help the organization. How can audits detect process deficiencies? How can audits positively or negatively affect organizations? Provide examples.

4. In your opinion, what is the responsibility of an organization to provide negative assessment reports, data analysis, and / or development of findings of a product or service to a customer? What if the negative quality impact is from a supplier? How does root cause corrective action benefit the organization? Please substantiate your opinion with sufficient documentation.

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