becoming an informed viewer of art

In 6-10 sentences for this discussion!

It is safe to say that most people who are not well informed or well educated in art fit into the category of a “Simple Viewer.” The “simple viewer” is a person who looks at works of art and immediately rushes to judgement about what they are looking at, without giving intelligent, critical thought to what they are seeing. Their mind likely judges a work of art by simply saying: “I either like this” or “I don’t like this,” which is a very oversimplified and lazy way to look at art. The more informed viewer of art, however, takes the time to carefully evaluate and analyze what they are seeing to try and understand what they are looking at and what is being communicated in the work of art.

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For this discussion topic, I would like you to tell me how you have become a much more “informed viewer” of art. Give specific reasons and examples from your life. For example, maybe you were at the dentist’s office recently and you noticed a painting hanging on the wall and you took the time to carefully think about the painting and what it was communicating, not only in terms of its subject matter, but also how some of the Visual Elements of Art and Principles of Organization were used (refer to writing assignment #2). Be as specific as you can. You may need to complete this discussion topic towards the end of the semester once you have become a more informed viewer of art. Please respond in six to eight sentences.

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