i have homework 71

I need 2 paragraph in word doc

The Question is : what relationship between data privacy and cybersecurity and computer security ?

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  • Relationship to your Program: This section of the proposal is to describe which courses in your program will provide the basis of your project. ( my project about Data privacy ) the courses I took have provide computer security and Cybersecurity )

I put here Course Description about 2 courses I took

  • computer security
  • Cybersecurity

Provides an overview for the computer security risks facing enterprises today and covers the many options available for mitigation of these risks. The covers security concepts, controls, and techniques; standards; hardware; applications; databases; networks (wired and wireless); and the controls used to enforce various levels of availability, confidentiality, and integrity, etc

This course focuses on the law, policy, ethics, and compliance issues concerning cybersecurity as information is collected and communicated in today’s networked world. International security law and legal principles are covered as well as topics such as ethics, privacy, and compliance.

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