2 parts 7 2 tompkins style sample essay discussion forum

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when you submit the assignment for part one i will send you what to reply to

Part I

Read the student sample paper (attached on the bottom of the page), “Confederate Monuments: Contextualism, Virtue, and the Preservation of History,” which was written last summer for this course on a different issue from which you have to select, and then using the rubric for your Final, Tompkins-Style Essay, which will be used to grade your essay, give the paper points in each area, to total up to 500 points, and then assign a corresponding grade.

Rubric for Final Essay

Criteria Points Possible Points Given
This essay is a comprehensive response to the directions and illustrates a deep understanding of Tompkins’ argument (it is modeled after it); the author makes a nuanced inductive argument that effectively uses the rhetorical situation, persuasive appeals, and targeted rhetorical strategies to persuade an uninformed/reluctant audience. 150
Long block quotes are not used to meet page count. 50
The essay is in correct MLA format and style, including in-text citations and the Works Cited page (a cover page is not included). This is CR/NC. 50
The essay is well organized with effective transitions between ideas and paragraphs.The audience should be clearly guided through the argument. 50
The author works closely and critically with a minimum of 8 different perspectives /sources, including, but not limited to introduction (including AMS), summary, and rhetorical strategies of analysis, comparison, and synthesis of each source; as well as the smooth integration of direct quotes, block quotes, and paraphrases. Quotes are not awkwardly dropped in and are are not used to begin or end paragraphs.

Direct work with the texts is a must.

The essay is meticulously proofread and primarily free of sentence-level errors.

Essay must represent advanced, college-level reasoning, reading, and writing skills.

Total Points Possible 500

Point Breakdown:

450-500 A Excellent
400-449 B

Very Good

350-399 C Average/College-Level
300-349 D

Not Passing

299 and below

F Fail

Part II: 100 Points

  1. Post the points and grade you assigned the paper and briefly, 5-7 sentences, share your response to the essay and how it has or has not helped you to understand the assignment. (50 points )
  2. Briefly respond to two of your peers in 3-5 sentences. (50 points)


Sample Student Tompkins-Style Final Essay.pdf

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