network customization and optimization


I am attaching part 1 of this essay. Please complete the following:

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In this section, address each of the following.

  1. Identify network services needed.
  2. List additional servers or network devices needed to implement the network.
  3. List network security measures to be implemented.
  4. Justify the need for the network services, security measures, and devices you’ve selected.
  5. Identify network storage and cloud based services that will be available for faculty and students
    • Students should be specific when discussing the configuration and implementation.
  6. Identify the proper data protection and backup method and implementation, and justify your decision.
    • Students should consider the needs of the administration, faculty, and students.
  7. Identify a network monitoring solution and describe how this will enable the optimization of the network, and justify your decision.
    • Students should be specific when describing protocol analyzers, network monitoring tools, and packet sniffers
  8. Identify how logs will be stored, managed, and how long the university will keep them, and justify your answer
    • Students should consider this in the context of the network or cloud based storage selected.
  9. Describe the troubleshooting methodology Information Technology (IT) personnel will use when troubleshooting issues across the proposed network implementation
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