leadership 132

Consider those who are commonly considered strong leaders. They could come from politics, the military, academia, industry, even sports or the arts. Choose one leader and a write a 500 word persuasive essay explaining why this figure is an example of strong leadership. Do not confuse “good person” with strong leader. The two things are not necessarily the same.

As you write your essay this week, think about education, success, and leadership. Are successful leaders more likely to have an education? Select a strong leader, define why/what makes him/her a strong leader, examine his/her leadership skills and qualities, and also identify if this person completed college… do strong leaders tend to have a strong academic background? In what ways would education positively influence leadership? Reflect on the reason you chose to pursue your graduate degree. How will your educational pursuit influence your leadership style?

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In your essay:

  • Assume the audience does not know who this person is (even if it seems unlikely), so give a brief biography. What were her/his goals? What did she or he accomplish? Don’t get bogged down in the details, but paint enough of a picture for the audience to catch on.
  • Provide at least three leadership skills that this leader demonstrated and provide examples of how she or he used them to effect a particular goal.
  • Persuade the reader of your opinion. Show the reader why this figure personifies strong leadership.
  • Select at least two qualities this figure possessed that you’d like to see in yourself when you graduate.
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