2 page reflective essay


Based on class lectures/discussions; your review and discussion of articles, and your individual review

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and study of the power point slides, class exercises, etc., write a short reflective essay?

The essay should be approximately 2 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font.

You have concluded a graduate course in leadership – in essence this is one of the many opportunities you have had and will have as your career progresses. Where will your study of leadership, your experiences, your personality/behaviors take you in the coming years? Where do you see yourself- years from now?

Heres a brief summary about myself what I want to do please help me write a 2 page reflective paper about this.

P.S I see myself working for a big healthcare corporate company. Doing something in Health IT and to branch into management someday with experience. I never took leadership or management roles, but this class has given me confidence and I learned so many great things about leadership roles. I hope to become one someday. I also plan on having more children like maybe 3 more. I dream of traveling someday but my income right now isn’t helping me achieve those dreams. So with this new degree I hope to travel with my husband and kids. I also would love to work from home someday. I need to work on my patience and let God help me get through everything one day at a time.

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