short question assignment

Hospital Management Project

Case Study Description

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  • We want to develop a comprehensive software product for XY Hospital, where several doctors are working together. There are several departments in the hospital, but a central administration office is handling the patient appointment tasks. Most patients make an appointment before their visit. However, patients can walk in and can be treated if an appropriate doctor is available.
  • On events, patients may change their visit schedule by calling. A patient who made an appointment but cannot appear should cancel his/her appointment in order to avoid a ‘no-show’ penalty.
  • The appointment clerks in the administration office are handling all the appointments and the scheduling clerks generate ‘daily treatment schedules’ for doctors based on the appointment. The ‘daily treatment schedules’ include doctor’s name, patient’s information, nurses and treatment rooms for each treatment. Hence, doctors are seeing patients according to the daily treatment schedule.
  • Once patients are treated by the doctors, the accounting office in the hospital is responsible for calculating the medical fee, mailing bills and receiving the payments. For the patients who do not pay for a certain period of time, the records of the patients with bad credit are sent to a collection agency. The collection agency is specialized for collecting the fee and enforcing relevant laws.
  • In addition to the routine treatments, the hospital also provides emergency care. For an emergency care, patients do not need to make appointments. Emergency patients are seen by emergency specialized doctors, and later patients may be handed over to an appropriate doctor for further treatments.


List at least three main stakeholders of the above XY Hospital project.


List at least three main functions that the above XY Hospital project provides.


In the pre-initiation stage of the project above, what are the main activities that should be undertaken by senior managers?


What is a virtual team? What should they supposed to do in the XY hospital project ?

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