best response to somebody s post relating to own experience towards connection with natural environment

Hello everyone!

My name is Hanan Baalbaki, and my relationship with the natural environment has been different in all stages of my life. Throughout my life I have lived here in Edmonton Alberta, but experienced visiting Lebanon within the adolescent stages of my life. Comparing my experience with the natural environment when I was younger and in Canada was quite different than the natural environment of the birthplace of my parents. For example, I was more sheltered and told to stay indoors as a child in Canada but in Lebanon I was one with the environment. I felt like I was more attuned with the natural environment and had more freedom to explore it. I also felt more safe and connected with the land. My current relationship with the natural environment in adulthood is also quite different. I lost my connection through social media, responsibilities, and the desire to be attuned with it. I hope to be one with the natural environment once again like I once was, and to better it slowly.

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