write memo 250 400 words about food waste in florida and raw data and one visual report page


Infographics are an incredible tool for displaying complex or otherwise impenetrable sets of data in a more readily understandable way. In fact, with the advent of online graphic design tools such as Canva (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., their addition to formal reports has never been more common. As such, this project aims to teach students how create their own infographics, as well as how to display data in a way that not only serves a specific audience and purpose, but also avoids biases.

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Project Goals

  • To create appropriate visuals from numeric data
  • To gain a better understanding of document design and visualizations
  • To write based on a specific purpose and audience
  • To summarize numerical data to support a specific point/purpose for a specific audience
  • Deliverables
  • This project consists of three deliverables. The first is a short memo addressed to the instructor, the second is the student’s raw data set that he or she compiled for the project, while the third is a formal, aesthetically-pleasing, visualization of that data.
  • Deliverable 1: P2 Instructor Memo

This deliverable is a short 250-400 word memo that explains your overall goals in presenting information about this topic, how you selected which data to visualize, and how you ensured that your visualizations of the data were fair, accurate, and clear. This deliverable will also be graded on your adherence to proper memo formatting.

  • Deliverable 2: The Raw Data

This is a copy of the raw data set you used to create the visualization report, complete with both thorough and appropriate citations.

  • Deliverable 3: Visual Report

The final for this project is a one-page, informative, visually interesting report that provides a broad overview of your subject. Your report should incorporate at least three types of visuals along with a discussion and or analysis of your data, as well as enough text to introduce the topic and its importance, and to illustrate the takeaway you wish to secure. In order for this report to be effective, you must first and foremost consider who your audience is (based on the data and the point you wish to make), as well as the ultimate purpose of your overall report.

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