influence process

Influence Processes

You have been encouraged by a colleague to write an article about “CEOs and presidents” for a management journal. You have decided to compare the leadership styles of Malcom X and Fidel Castro. Using the Library, the Internet, and your course materials, write a 5-7 page report that elaborates on the topics listed below. Use each bulleted point as the title of each section according to the APA style guide. Word document in APA Style 6th edition.

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Format your paper using these titles for the following paragraphs (in exact order):


1. Introduction

2. Influence processes

(Introduction to the concept of influence processes)

3. Role of influence

(Explanation of the role of influence in contemporary leadership)

4. Types of influence processes

(Discussion of the various types of influence processes and the factors that can affect leaders)

5. Methodology

(Methodology used to identify and research 2 leaders)

6. Influence process analysis

(Analysis of the influence processes used by each leader)

7. Influence processes used

(Processes that each leader and his top management team are using or have used to impact the organization)

8. Strengths and weaknesses

(Strengths and weaknesses of the influence processes used by each leader relative to current and future challenges facing leaders in global organizations)

9. Summary of key influence process attributes

(Summary of the key attributes of the influence processes employed by each leader to effect positive organizational change or improved performance)

10. Conclusion

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