2 essay questions 5

You may use any resources at your disposal. List your sources at the end of each essay.Not all the answers to these questions are directly addressed in your text. Appropriately cite any sources if you are quoting or closely borrowing from an author’s text (physical or electronic). Suggested length is 2 or more pages per question (450 –800 words). Keep the week and question number on. This must have in text citations and source page at the end of each essay. keep them on the same file not a different file.

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Week 1

2. Discuss some of the sociological, anthropological and psychological theories for the development of religion or belief systems proposed by 19th and 20th century thinkers such as:

Mircea EliadeHerbert SpencerEmile DurkheimE.B. TylorRudolph OttoJames FrazierArnold Van GennepWilliam JamesJohn LubbockSigmund FreudRudolf BultmannFriedrich Nietzsche

Did the gods create people or did people “create” their impressions of God(s)?

(Some of these theorists are not in your textbooks. You might choose to research 4 or 5 of the scholars listed above and present some of their ideas.)

Week 2

3. Outline some of the aspects of Meso-American polytheistic belief. How might you explain the propensity for human sacrifice among the native religions of Mexico? (you might need to do some outside research here)

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