math autobiograph easy

Purpose of the Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to get to know you as a person and as a student of mathematics. This will also help me better address your individual educational needs

Content: On the reverse side of the page I’ve listed some questions to help guide and organize your thoughts. You MUST answer all of the questions in each section, but may also include additional information. You may write the autobiography in essay (paragraph) format or interview (question and answer) format. Regardless, your final draft must be in complete sentences. The key to writing an honest math biography is to give lots of detail. See the example below:

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Not enough detail: I hated math in third grade, but it got better in fifth grade.

Detailed: I hated math in third grade because I had trouble using borrowing for subtraction. I was really slow at doing problems, and I was always the last one to finish the timed tests. It was really embarrassing. …

Assignment Requirements


1.) Word Processed 2.) 1 inch margin

3.) Double-spaced 4.) 12 point font

Length: This assignment must be a minimum of 1 page and a maximum length of 3 pages.

Grading: This assignment is graded based on completeness. For this assignment to be considered complete, you must:

* Sufficiently address the specific information requested in each section.

* Write using proper spelling and grammatical usage

Section 1: Introduction and your Experience with Math

* Tell us a few things about yourself. For example, which high school you have attended, your hobbies etc.

* How do you feel about math?

* Why do you think you feel this way?

* In what ways have you used math outside of school?

* What has a math teacher done in the past that has really helped you in math class?

Section 2: Learning Styles and Habits (specifically for math)

* Do you learn best from reading, listening or doing?

* Do you prefer to work alone or in groups?

* What do you do when you get “stuck”?

* Describe some of your study habits. For example: Do you re-write notes? Do you complete example problems? Are you organized? Do you procrastinate? Do you read the text?

Section 3: The Present and Future

* What goals do you have for math class this year?

* How will you attempt to achieve these goals

* What can teachers or peers do to help you accomplish these goals?

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