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The role that sports play in the two soceities greek and mesoamerica is that they are identified differently due to what each of them meant. Mesoamerican is basically known as a ball game that was quite popular across mesoameria and playd by all major civiliations from the olmes to aztecs. However, it was more than just a game, the event could have had a religons significance and featured in episodes of mesoamerican mythology, with that being said, the difference between both greek and mesoamerican is that they were both competitive, the ancient greeks also formalized and rationalized competitive athletics by moving by funeral games and irregular contests to well- organized sporting extravangas in sacred places to honor greek gods. What stands out the most as a distinct comparison of the games in two civiliations is that they are both quite different because of both being a difference involving both greek and mesoamerica especially when it had to do with having differrent significance, greek athletics spread througout the ancient world during the hellenistic era. Those facts about greeks and mesoamerican identifies both as being different and them having their own reasonings and ways of understanding what it was during competiions which became something very known back in that era because of it being such a well known sport to many people who were interested in ball game. There are being known to be great even though both greeks and mesoamerica had their own rules involving the way they wanted the game to be like and what type of religious beliefs there was regarding what it all meant for each each time and where they were from due to them having differences in what they belived in including what they wanted to show many people during the era that it was known as.—————————————————————————————————————

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