ethical scenario in pharmacy 1

3). Please write a BRIEF response to the following case presentation. (16 points for appropriate use of the 4 C’s method framework; 16 points for fully characterizing the situation including legal requirements and ethical considerations –including specific ethical principles, virtues, and citations of the Code of Ethics; 10 points for describing alternative courses of action and defending an ethically appropriate one; and 16 points for clarity of ideas, grammar, and spelling; TOTAL 58 points)

Four C’s:

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1. Characterize the dilemma 1. Is it ethical? What does the law say? 2. Do you have all the facts you need?

2. Consider all possible solutions

3. Choose “best” course of action –based on a coherent ethical stance and an accurate interpretation of known facts

4. Carry out the chosen solution, dealing with objections and considering ways the issue could be avoided in the future

NOTE: Keep in mind that not all relevant information is available to you –just do the best you can with the information you have. Please use the 4C’s method for making ethical decisions and clearly articulate a response for an ethical way to handle the situation. During the course of your discussion, please identify the relevant biomedical ethical principles and virtues and cite the Pharmacists Code of Ethics as appropriate. This will take more than a sentence or two, but PLEASE keep your answer as concise as possible (no more than 2-3 paragraphs).

SITUATION: A pharmacist working in a local drug store in a small rural town is approached by a young woman who appears to be in her early 20’s. She says she is looking for an over-the counter product called Plan B that is available without a prescription. She tells the pharmacist that she had unprotected sex two days ago and doesn’t want to get pregnant. The pharmacy stocks this medication, but it is kept behind the counter per the store policy. The pharmacist on duty has a moral belief that it is wrong to participate in the sale of this medication, because he believes abortion is morally wrong. How should the pharmacist respond ethically to this request? Legal note: According to federal law, emergency contraception is available for purchase without a prescription.

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