topic 2 dq 2 15

Please Respond to the following post with a paragraph, add citations and references.

The “Visual Learner: Statistics” discussed cluster sampling, convenience sampling, simple random sampling, stratified sampling, and systematic sampling.

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Cluster sampling is about dividing the population into groups/clusters. Then from there researchers chose clusters. Everyone from the chosen cluster will be able to participate in the study. For example, a researcher wants to do a study with students. The researcher can split students according to class. For instance, history class, English class, mathematics class, and science class. From there the researcher chose one or more class. Everyone from the chosen class will be in the study.

Convenience sampling is including participants who happen to be available at the time. Example 1 – You are in a hurry and you have to do a study about commuters’ lives, so you go to the subway and ask people to participate in your study. Whoever is available would participate in your study. Maybe you are interviewing a tourist or who is not a commuter but you do it anyways because it is convenient. Example 2 – You are doing a study about shopper in New York. You go to the first few stores near your house and interview people who are willing to be part of your study.

Simple random sampling is completely random at choosing individuals from the population. It gives everyone in the population a chance of being selected for the study. Researchers can use a random number generator, lottery, or picking out of a hat for this technique. Example – you need 30 people from a group. In that group there are 50 people. So one thing you can do is write everyone’s name down in a hat and pick 30 names from the hat.

Stratified sampling is splitting individuals into mutually exclusive groups and then using the random sampling method to choose individuals from that group. For example, there are 75 students in a class. 40 females and 35 males. You only need 20 students for your study. So you separately put all the female students’ names in a hat and choose 10 names. Then write down all the male students’ names and put it in a hat and choose 10 names.

Systematic sampling is about choosing people from a random starting point with a fixed and periodic interval. An example would be giving people a number. Then the researcher or someone else chose a number. For instance, if the chosen number is 4 then every person with the fourth number is chosen. So, people who got number 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, etc. are chosen.

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