respond to 4 classmates discussion

Respond to your classmates, discuss how understanding this term on a deeper level will help you utilize popular culture in your professional and personal life.


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I have learned that pop culture is more in depth than I thought. I never put much meaning behind movies and products and certain fads that come and go but now I know that all of these things play a role in our world. I have also learned that pop culture isn’t just something that the younger generation is into, pop culture shapes everyone of all ages and affects all of us in what we watch, read, wear and even feel about certain things going on in the world.

The original definition that I had was the definition for youth culture. This definition is limited when it refers to youth because that culture embraces people of all ages and follows you throughout your life. Yes, most of the culture is surrounded and even originated with the youth of that time but it also catches on with people of all ages and it can affect the way they do things in their lives and even change the way of life of a whole country to a certain extent.

My concept of the term Youth culture has changed from something that just involves the younger generation to something that involves every generation but may be led by the younger generation. You see many protests that the younger generation are starting but the adults are becoming more aware of issues and joining them in their causes and even helping them get their voices heard.

My final project is on the Harry Potter series so of course it will be incorporated in showing how the series became famous because it started out as a children’s book a caught on so fast with the younger generation that the older generation started to take notice.


The term I defined in Discussion One was “mythology”, which was limited as a set of myths a culture has and as being linked by opposite relationships like light/dark and good/evil. One of the general education lens that I wasn’t defining correctly before I took this class was the social sciences versus the humanities. I didn’t realize that these were two different lenses. Now, I understand that social sciences is more about cultures and relationships while humanities is more about what inspired the cultures or relationships, such as art, dance, or philosophy. My concept of the term “mythology” has changed by knowing that these are two separate lenses because instead of thinking of mythology as something that is only cultural or being involved in relationships (oral recitations), I also realize that it is part of the humanities too, and takes part and has influenced art forms and philosophy. I am examining the 2017 film “Beauty and the Beast”, which is in the category of fairy tales and mythology. This film and the original story are so full of examples of the social sciences and humanities that ‘mythology’ is definitely a term that I will use.



The average cost of life insurance a month for a couple is $205.00. I cannot even imagine at this point in my life where it would come from. We live very paycheck to paycheck, but I have also seen the other side to this problem. I think that it is a wise decision later in life, but maybe not right now. People frequently go without things because they cannot afford it on a fixed income. Long term insurance could help lessen those costs by helping with things like nursing home costs. Medications alone can eat a whole check pretty easily especially for life saving things like insulin for diabetes. It is a scary world we live in when lifesaving medications are so expensive that you have to choose medication or groceries. I feel as if when you are older the benefits totally outweigh the costs; but right now in my twenties’ the cost is just way too much!


Is it worth getting long term insurance? For ten million Americans that have it, it is. Insurance is a gamble no matter what insurance you are looking at. Genworth Financial did a study and the average cost of a nursing home is $91,250 and if you need round-the-clock care, you are looking at upwards of $170,000. Most Medicare supplementary and Employer medical policies do not include long-term care and Medicare has limited benefits for it; however according to Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research although long-term cost are more common, they are less catastrophic and patient stays are less than Medicare’s 100 day maximum. (Sanicola, 2016) I have to say in the 10 years I have been in health insurance, I have only worked with about 10 who needed long term care over a few weeks. But if you find you think you need it, there are approximately 10 companies who sell these type of polices.

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