reading chapter and answer

please read the questions and answer

-easy grammar

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-complete sentences

-use the book to answering the question

-reply will be send when you complete the questions


After reading chapters 4 and 6 in your textbook, answer the following discussion questions. In order to receive full credit, please continue to be thorough in your responses and provide at least three replies to your classmates’ posts.

Ch. 4:

1. After reading your textbook’s definition of ethics, define ethics in your own words and explain why ethics are important to consider when speaking publicly.

2. In your own words, explain the five criteria for ethical public speaking (provide your own example for each might be applied).

Ch. 6

3. What are three steps to becoming an audience-centered speaker?

4. What is the difference between informal and formal audience analysis? Provide an example for each.

5. Provide an example of an open-ended question and a closed-ended question.

6. What is demographic audience analysis? What are some considerations that should be made with utilizing demographic audience analysis?

7. What does psychological audience analysis refer to? How might you effectively utilize psychological Audience analysis when constructing a speech?

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