corporate profile reflection 4 pages

Table of Contents

Executive Summary : A brief background of the company – where it initially started, some relevant anecdotal information etc…. Careful not to get into trivial and non-pertinent ‘filler’ stories!

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Competitive analysis :describe your main competitors. For example, what are their strengths/weaknesses, do they tap into the same market segments as you, what do they have that you don’t and what do you have that they don’tetc….

Performance review : for example, how did the revenues fluctuate over the past 5 or 10 years (no real need to go beyond that window). Same for the key competitors – pick 4 or 5 main competitors for this comparison. Explain strong shifts (up or down).

Market analysis : how has the market changed over the past few years? Trends, customer profiles, laws & regulations, etc…..

Conclusion : Would you invest in this company? Said differently, do you see this as a growth company that you would buy shares in? why?

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