research paper understanding standard and rule setting in the accounting industry ssai phase 1

My class is Accounting Healthcare Organizations.

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Topic for the research will be
Standard Setting in the Accounting Industry

This week’s assignment starts a four paper project (short paper – 500 to 1,000 words approximately 3 to 4 pages of content pages including three research references). The first week’s short paper assignment should focus on an overview of the standards setting industry topic and a review of its historical roots including the roles of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), and The American Institute of Certified Accountants ( AICPA).

Please use Presentation Format. NOT ACADEMIC.

Also, you have to use (( I work in the accounting department of Pennypacker and Vandelay, LLC as a healthcare manager ))

I will attach My classmate work. PLEASE SEE IT AND DO SAME STEPS (( BUT PLEASE DON’T PRAPHRES THAT. I need different and great work.



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