competency based assessment

Part I:

Individual Activity: The Competency-Based Assessment video shows how the results of a competency-based assessment system were used to develop a new job classification system. After you have watched the video, complete the answers to the questions below. Then, add a list of your key takeaways from this lesson’s assignment. You can access a copy of the PowerPoint presentation slides from the video for further reference.


  1. Identify the purpose of the competency-based assessment completed at the organization mentioned in the video.
  2. Review the critical success factors found in the text and identify the factors present in this organization’s system.
  3. Compare the video process with the Five Phase Model outlined and illustrated in the text. To what extent are the models similar? How do they differ?
  4. What are the benefits of using a competency-based approach for the organization mentioned in the video?
  5. What are the implementation challenges for the organization mentioned in the video?

Part II:

Complete the Leadership and Professional Development Competency Self-Assessment.

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  • Post the three most important competencies that you would like to improve upon on on your individual blog site and review classmate suggestions when received.
  • Based on your experience, provide improvement suggestions to at least two other class members on competencies that you consider your strength.

Part III:

Based on Leadership and Professional Development Competency Inventory: Consolidated Summary of Results for WF ED Ph. D. Students Competency Report Fall 2012

  • Analyze the results of the needs assessment.
  • Develop a one-page proposal to respond to perceived needs and areas of potential improvement and submit your recommendations.

Part IV:

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