leadership and ethical decision making u5 2nd response to avraham roberts

Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post:

I thoroughly enjoyed this course about leadership, ethics, and decision making. Thank You professor Bowman. To me the most important lessons I’ve learned are about leadership styles. I always understood that there are different approaches and that each approach has its benefits and challenges, what I learned was how to identify each approach and properly apply it. The transformational leadership theory is extremely important because it highlights the values of each approach and tells you how to use each one when needed. I really plan on implementing this in my professional work. I run a non-profit organization, and am constantly in a leadership role with different boards and committees. This leadership approach will help me guide how I deal with each individual based on their knowledge and experience. To understand that those with less experience need more of a coaching type leadership, while those with more experience and knowledge would appreciate and be more successful with a more democratic style of leadership.

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Before taking this course I always valued the idea of making calculated decisions, but I never had a real way to do that. The rational decision making model has proven to be extremely insightful. It is a process with clear steps that not only includes all that is important into your decision making process, but also puts a clear numerical value on all of the factors in the decision. This is helpful to ensure that you not only think about your decision, but actually calculate it. This is a process that I plan to use for making decisions in both my personal and professional life.

Ethics are extremely important. I definitely always knew that it is important to have an ethical system. The question to me always was, even if you can be ethical, how can you ensure that those around you are? The real answers is that you cannot. However, as a leader, it is your obligation to do everything that you can to try to make your environment as ethical as possible. I really appreciated learning about the idea of a written code of conduct. I now know the process of creating and implementing a code of conduct. It is something that I plan to do for my organization in the near future. I for sure would like to have one by the time our organization grows, G-d willing, to have employees other than myself. This will help ensure not only that our goals remain the same, but also that the process of reaching those goals remains ethical.

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