research paper 740

Hello, I need help with two tasks.

Task1 : Research Paper 10-12 pages( Business Continuity plan)

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Each project team will use the sample Business Continuity Plan in Appendix A at the end of the course text, and then select a company to develop a plan for. Working through the materials covered through chapter 6 of the course text, each team will develop an initial plan which will apply specifically to the company selected. The team will write up the plan in detail using the sample as a guide. The final product will be submitted to this drop box for the team. A separate presentation will be developed and given to the class.

Task 2: (Disaster Recovery plan presentation PPT 12-15 Slides)

Using the business continuity plan developed in the team project, each team will also develop a presentation intended to be presented as though to the business leaders for their approval.

Note: Please follow APA format with proper Citation. And references.

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